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Pricing - House Exterior

Price: USD $788

What You Get:

  1. Your house design expertly modelled.
  2. A single view, beautifully rendered.
  3. Placed in a life-like environment.
  4. Landscaping including: driveway and paths, lawns, plants, trees.
  5. Objects including: cars, people and furniture also included.


  • The house may be up to 2 storeys tall.
  • The footprint of the house should not exceed 400sqm (4300sqf).
  • One single structure.
  • Additional structures including: pools, separate garages guest houses, and others will incur extra cost.
  • Balconies and verandas included.
  • A single view is included and needs to be specified at the start of the project.
  • Additional views and renders will can be quoted for at additional cost.


If your design/view exceeds the conditions, 'Add-ons' will be included in your quote.

Price: Type: Details:
USD$70 1 Additional Storey If your house is 3 or more storeys then this addon will be added to your quote. Note: We will make exceptions for townhouses, contact us for more information.
USD$100 Big House For houses with a floor-plan area exceeding 400sqm (4300sqf).
Get Quote Auxiliary Structures Includes: car garages, barns, stables, guest houses, boat house, pools
Get Quote Additional Views This depends on the amount of extra modelling required. Small changes in view are inexpensive.

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