General Features (for every kind of render)

  • One beautifully rendered view in jpeg format.
  • Render size is approximately 5000px by 6000px.
  • 2 rounds of changes included in basic price such as;
    - Model changes include: Minor design changes, colors, materials, textures.
    - Object changes include: addition/removal of decorative objects and their design features.

Please Note:

  • 3DS Max and Photoshop working files are not available to clients.
  • 30 days after final payment is received, all working files are deleted, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Final renderings are archived.

Extra Changes:

We include 2 round of changes for each render free of charge. Sometimes however, you will want to tweak things just that extra little bit.

Price: Type: Details:
USD$100 Additional Round For many objects in your model: colors, materials, addition/removal of decorative objects, textures, lighting, minor modelling tweaks.
USD$10 Small Change For a single/class of object(ie chairs, lights, pillows): colors, materials, removal of object, textures, lighting, minor model tweak.
Get Quote Major Design Change/Change View If a major design change is required during a project, we will provide a quote.

Charges from 'Extra Changes' will be added to the final payment.

More Information

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